Why Forex will make the next generation Millionaires?

We have achieved many goals that we targeted in our lives, and our goal at this moment is exactly this: every body talks about financial independence, but do you know how to achieve it? “Where is the employment market that you don’t have a boss, employees, marketing, discrimination of any kind, very little investment, and receive income on demand with fund that can grow to any level you desire tax free?   The answer is the FOREX AND/OR STOCK MARKET TRADED IN A ROTH IRA or ROTH 401k.”

Let’s assume for the time being that you understood forex basic trading concepts(we will add some of its content soon) and was able to use one of the simple methods presented. On the average you will be able to make 50 pips per day initially, i.e. for the first six months (In general: 1pip = $0.1 in a micro account, or $1.0 in a mini account, or $10.00 in a standard account). And as you continue to improve and gain confidence in trading using our method you will be able to make 100 pips per trading day within the second 6 months of the year. These are very modest assumption. Let’s see how to translate this into money in the bank:

* You opened a mini account and deposited $500.00 (details are in the manual). You decided to trade 1 lot contract (1 lot risks a maximum of $100.00) and you are able to profit 50 pips/day resulting in daily profit of $50.00 (1 lot x 50 pips x $1.00/pip = $50.00). After 6months your account will be $500.00 + $50.00/day x 5.5 days/week x 26 weeks/6 months = $7,650.00. If you continue with the mini account you will be able to easily trade 2 lots per trade for the rest of the year and  your total profit will be  2 lots x 50pips/day x $1.00/pip x 5.5 days/week x 26 weeks/ 6 months = $14,300.00.  At the end of the year your account will be $7,650 + $14,300= $21,950.00

* If you open a mini account with $1000.00, you can afford to trade 2 lots contracts. With the same above assumptions you will have at the end of the first 6 months: $1000 + 2 lots x 50 pips/day x 5.5 days /week x $1.0 /pip x 26 weeks/ 6 months = $15,300.00. At this point you can open a standard account  as cited in the point below, or you continue with your mini account and at the end of the next 6months you will have $ 15,300.00 + $28, 600.00 = $43,900.00

* If you have more money and opened a standard account with $10,000.00, and traded exactly the number of pips cited above (1 lot per trade for the first 6 months and 2 lots per trade for the second six months) your account at the end of the first 6 months will be $10,000.00 +50 pips/day x $10.00/pip x 5.5 day/week x 26 weeks/ 6months = $81,500.00; and at the end of the year will be $81,500.00 + $143,000.00 = $224,500.00

Now stop dreaming and let’s start our business plan to achieve our GOAL: How to make 50 pips or $50.00 per day for the first 6 months? Please listen carefully to what we are telling you in this guide(To be added soon). It works…YOUR GOAL IS WITHIN YOUR REACH….. GO FOR IT.

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Other Brokers:


Company Name Broker Type Minimum Deposit Maximum Leverage Spread Type Currency Pairs
ACM – Advanced Currency Markets Non-Dealing Desk Mini: $2000 100:1 Fixed 39 pairs plus Gold and Silver
AvaFX Dealing Desk US $100 200:1 Fixed 50 pairs
CMC Markets Dealing Desk USD $2000 100:1 Fixed 74 pairs
CitiFX Pro Dealing Desk US $10K 50:1 Fixed 138 pairs
FXCM No Dealing Desk Micro: $50, Standard: $2000 50:1 Fixed and Variable 39 Pairs
FXDD Dealing Desk, Non-Dealing Desk, ECN $250 50:1 Fixed, Variable 19 pairs
FXOpen Investments Inc. Dealing Desk, ECN $1 Micro, $25 Standard and $1000 ECN 500:1 28 pairs
FXcast Non-Dealing Desk, Market Maker, Straight Through Processing and ECN Broker US $10 400:1 Fixed 35 pairs plus Spot Gold
Finotec Trading, Inc. Dealing Desk $200 200:1 Fixed 32 pairs
Forex.com Forex Dealer $500.00 50:1 Majors, 20:1 Minors Fixed 45 pairs including metals (UK and AU only)
FxPro (FxPro Financial Services Ltd) Dealing Desk USD 500 500:1 Variable over 80 pairs
GFT Dealing Desk Mini: $200, Standard: $2500 50:1 Fixed 120
GFX Group SA Non-Dealing Desk $2,000 200:1 Fixed and Variable 33 plus Gold, Silver
IG Markets Dealing Desk, Non-Dealing Desk No Minimum Deposit 700:1 Variable 60 pairs
Interbank FX, LLC Multi Bank Liquidity None 50:1 Variable 29 pairs
MB Trading Futures Inc. ECN Technology; Off-Exchange US $400 50:1 Variable 28 pairs
Marketiva Dealing Desk USD $1 100:1 Fixed 17 Currency Pairs, 7 Indexes, 4 Commodities
OANDA Corporation Registered Foreign Exchange Dealer / Non-dealing desk USD $1 50:1 Variable 54 plus XAU/USD, XAU/JPY, XAG/USD and XAG/JPY
Saxo Bank Dealing Desk US $10,000 200:1 Fixed and Variable 170 pairs
Tadawul FX Non-Dealing Desk $500 or equivalent in another currency 1:500 Fixed 29 pairs

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