This is the best coaching to learn while making Money, not only when you become a member, but also during the 30-days free trial offered. I have searched everywhere, but nothing comes close to making 80 to 150 pips a week ( a pip is roughly equals $1.00 for mini account and $10 for standard account).


1. Daily 3 hour U.S. Session live trading webinar: 5:45 – 9:00am PT (1:45 pm GMT)

This is our done-for-you service. We give you the entries, stops and targets live so you can capture pips while you are learning. It has been 80%+ accurate since May 2010 averaging 3-5 trades and 80-150 pips per week.


2. Daily Email MACD 3 Trading Plan Valid for 24 Hours AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY

We send out this email daily near the Asian open with detailed instructions for taking system trades during the Asian and London Markets. Like the Live Trading Webinar this too averages an additional 3-5 trades and 80-150 pips per week.

3. 24 hour Asian/London Open Live Trading Chatroom

Members meet together during the Asian and London markets to review MACD 3 Trade Trading Plan Email and wait for the setups together. You will meet and trade with like-minded MACD 3 traders from around the world every day.


4. 24 hour access to the MACD 3 Forex Trading System online video course

In this course you will learn our MACD 3 System. It is a day-trading pullback system that uses 20-25 pip stop losses.

You will also learn how to use it as a swing/position trading system that enables yout to enter trades from the 4H, Daily and Weekly timeframes with 20-25 pip stop losses.

The system has a 1:1 up to 5:1 and sometimes higher reward:risk and has been 80%+ accurate since May 2010.


5. Twice Weekly 1 Hour Live FAST-TRACK Group Coaching Q&A Webinar – also Recorded

You get direct access to us for support to ask any MACD 3 trading questions twice per week for an hour. You will also get live training tutorials in each webinar covering different aspects of the MACD 3 System rules.

These webinars are also recorded for you to view later in the members area.


6. Members Version of MACD 3 Pro Charts and Trade Assistant

These MT4 templates and Trade Assistant software combined are invaluable tools that make trading the MACD 3 System easier.

Most of the system rules are built into the software, though you do still need to learn the system to take full advantage of it. You can set alarms so you don’t have to sit and stare at your charts the whole time.

Additionally, the MACD 3 trade management rules are built into the Trade Assistant software. This allows you to specify how many pips you want price to move in your favor before automatically moving your stop loss breakeven. This is a custom feature which is not possible in the MT4 platform.

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