Have you ever wondered why only a small minority of traders make money easily, while most fail to gain any form of consistency?

What is it that successful traders and investors do that makes them consistently successful? Is the difference found in their systems, technical or fundamental approaches, intelligence, skills, timing, luck, or their choices?:

Introducing The Ultimate Trading Mastermind System Guaranteed To Generate Profitable Winning Trades.

19 Questions And Answers That Reveal Money Making Insights And The Precise Steps To Trading Success

The list of questions the trading masters were asked was designed in three ways; First, I surveyed thousands of unprofitable traders and asked them one question… if they could question an expert trading mastermind team, what would they ask them. Second, I surveyed consistently profitable traders and asked them what they would like answered in order to gain a better edge in the markets Third, I asked profitable mentors, advisors and professional money managers what questions they believe the unsuccessful trader needs answers to in order to produce consistently profitable results. I combined these and came up with a final list of 19 questions that will allow any trader to master this game of trading or take their game to the next level. Below is a just small sample of those questions:

  • “What are your daily rituals, how do you prepare for your trading day and evaluate your performance at the end of the day?”
  • “How do you handle losing trades, over confidence and drawdowns?”
  • “How do you develop patience so that you wait for the best trade set ups you have identified, and ignore the distractions of what everyone else is doing?”
  • “What is the one thing that you can specifically pinpoint that transformed your trading and turned you into a consistently profitable trader?”
  • “How do you develop discipline to follow your rules and system?”
  • “What do you think is the biggest difference between people who succeed at trading and those who do not?”
  • “If you were to recommend a simple process to create consistency, in less than 10 steps, what would your suggestion be?”
  • “How do you organise and maximise your time so that you can capture financial opportunities, do the necessary learning, testing of systems,  etc. and still spend time with your family and have a life?”
  • How do you trade for income and how does this differ from trading to build wealth?”
  • “What is single biggest mistake that you have made in your trading career and how can our listeners make sure they avoid doing the same thing?”




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